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How to right use the rotary drilling machine to prevent the unnecessary problem?

hits:2425    date:2018-10-09

Professional komatsu bucket teeth pins production supplier confess that users would face to several different problems during the normal operating period, especially of the rotary drilling machine bucket part, without this part, the entirety rotary drilling machine would cant normal working anymore. So to prevent the unnecessary problems, professional komatsu bucket teeth pins production supplier advise users should select the machine lock type drill stem for harden feature earth ground layer, but select the friction resistance type drill stem for softy earth ground layer.

If users needs contact the rotary drill machine to drill the earth ground layer with long time, professional komatsu bucket teeth pins production supplier advise users assemble or install two sets same drill stem, which can be alternate use, the purpose is ensure the timely maintenance and repair for drill stem, but also ensure the faster construction process speed.

To these special requirement using drill stem, which drill stem anti twist capacity and anti stress capacity is smaller than rotary drill machine input, professional komatsu bucket teeth pins supplier suggests users take suitable protection measures to prevent the damage hurt for drill stem.

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