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Four different necessary check requirement for excavator machine and machinery parts

hits:2509    date:2018-10-09

The first necessary check part: users should remember check the actual working condition of hydraulic device, such as the actual fixation condition and connection state, no matter which problems are, professional bucket tooth pin supplier said users should solve them in time.

The second necessary check part: check the appearance for each machinery parts, especially of the bucket tooth pin and bucket, if the surface abrasion hurt is too serious, users should replace a new bucket tooth pin as soon as possible.

The third necessary check part: both of the operating device and control indicate lights needs maintain the right work condition all the time, so professional bucket tooth pin production supplier warn users should pay more attention on the actual working condition for each indicator.

The last necessary check part: professional bucket tooth pin production supplier said users should check the actual working condition for excavator bucket engine part too, such as if its exhaust air has some strange or abnormal colors, if produce some strange voices or but, but also remember confirm the correction position, which produce the strange voice too.

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