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Gravel type excavator bucket is the best choice for over loads working conditions

hits:2679    date:2018-10-09

When mention about the over loads working conditions, especially to excavator machines, it means the excavator bucket tooth pin and excavator bucket needs excavate and loading those harden substances, such as the gravel stones, grail and those soil, which is full of harden stones, solid rocks and wind fossil stones, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier said the best excavator bucket for those special heavy and over loads working conditions is the gravel type excavator bucket.

Professional bucket tooth pin production supplier said the manufacturing material of gravel type excavator bucket must be NM360 material, but difference to reinforced excavator bucket, the manufacturing material for both bucket teeth holder plate and side bucket plate must produced by wear resistance plate material, which produced by our own country.

Both of the gravel type excavator bucket and reinforced excavator bucketed are qualify domestic excavator bucket holder, which maintain the excellent wear resistance performance and resistance bending property than these common normal metal materials.

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