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users must gain an excellent operating skills of excavator

hits:2404    date:2018-10-09

When control the bucket tooth pin and excavator bucket insert the soil with the certain depth, the next step is finished the hook bucket step and lift arm process, all of those steps has make into a perfect excavate soil motions. But when control the excavator make the excavate works along with the soil edge, and the harden of soil is very huge, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier suggests users remember use at least two to three bucket to cut off the harden soil first, then excavate them out next.

When control the excavator and excavator bucket makes the loading or another needs high working efficiency works, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier said each bucket must fill of soil each time, then lift the excavate bucket, but also needs try to stopping another motions at the same time, only with this way, the motion speed for rotary must be faster enough.

Due to both of the bucket tooth pin and excavate bucket is not parallel with each other during the rotary soil excavate works, the purpose is prevent the soil through out from the bottom direction of bucket due to the inertia force.

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