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Intention impact and friction would appeared between bucket tooth holder and tooth sleeve during excavate process

hits:2252    date:2018-10-09

Under the influence of impact force effect( the main reason is due to excavator bucket tooth needs bearing large impart force frequently when excavate these harden substances), so between the China bucket tooth pin tooth holder and bucket tooth sleeve would produce the intense impact and friction, and produce the high temperature, and the harden degree and anti impact tensity property for China bucket tooth pin manufacturing materials would be reduced due to too high surface temperature, but lead to the China bucket tooth pin tooth top has the speed up abrasion damage, and the tooth holder is breakage off due to impact force.

Because of the repeatedly impact force, professional China bucket tooth pin production supplier said both of the China bucket tooth pin and jump ring would damage hurt too, the main reason is due to the manufacturing deformation value for jump ring is very small, but because of the too large gap, the impact deformation changes for jump ring part would become larger and larger, so the entirety bucket tooth pin jump ring would be scrap, which can be regard as one kind of fatigue lose efficiency phenomenon.

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