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If excavator bucket tooth can’t slow down the influence of impact force, which would lead to too high pressure in hydraulic system

hits:2606    date:2018-10-09

If the excavator China bucket tooth pin cant be used to slow down the influence of impact force, which would easily lead to the inner hydraulic oil has the too high pressure in entirety hydraulic system, but also lead to the aging and lose efficiency problem for these flexible hydraulic element and electrical appliance element, but also due to the direct and long time impact force, which would lead to the more serious problem, such as the breakage damage for swing arm and bucket shaft.

To almost conditions, professional China bucket tooth pin production supplier said the common connection mode for excavator bucket tooth top ( which also can be called as excavator bucket tooth sleeve) and tooth holder is connected by China bucket tooth pin, and between the tooth holder and tooth sleeve needs the certain gap,to ensure the suitable margin for pin assemble hole.

If without no gap, the China bucket tooth pin and bucket tooth would assemble with more difficult way, and its needs been produced with certain high precision degree.

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