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The biggest external dip angle should never beyond one hundred and twenty degree

hits:2669    date:2018-10-09

Professional China bucket tooth pin production supplier said excavator drivers and operators must pay more attention on excavate angle, but strict control it during normal working period, for example, if the excavate direction is down direction, so the degree between the China bucket tooth pin and working surface must be direct ninety degree, and the biggest external dip angle must controlled equal or smaller than one hundred and twenty degree, or the excavator bucket tooth would breakage off due to too large dip angle.

Professional China bucket tooth pin production supplier warn excavator operators should never swing the excavate arm under the large resistance force conditions, or both of the excavator bucket tooth and bucket tooth holder would breakage off due to suffer too large stress force on both right and lift direction.

If the total abrasion lose for China bucket tooth pin holder is about ten to fifty percent, to ensure the best excavate efficiency, writer suggests users replace the entirety bucket holder, or the bucket tooth would be breakage due to too large gap and different stress bearing point.

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