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Excavator bucket tooth is main parts and accessory for mine excavation equipment

hits:2654    date:2018-10-09

Professional China bucket tooth pin production supplier said the role of excavate bucket tooth for mine excavation equipment is one mainly working part and accessory, which needs bearing the complex tensile strength, shear, impact force and abrasion material wear out lose and chemical corrosive. Professional China bucket tooth pin production supplier learned that the research for wear resistance material has become into one important subject for both domestic and overseas countries, and the total developing stage can be divided into three state.

The first state is the research for wear resistance materials, such as the white casting iron material, high chrome cast iron material, the high manganese steel and resistance wear alloy steel, etc, and all of them has enlarge developed the wear resistance property for wear out products.

Professional China bucket tooth pin production supplier said the second state is the manufacturing technique and methods, which used to research and improve the wear resistance property, such as the cast in China bucket tooth pin, combination excavator bucket tooth, the same feature for them are fully take account of the tenacity property and strength for two kinds for several different types materials at the same time, but save the production costs for these expensive wear resistance materials consume.

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