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The thickness of the ESCO bucket tooth pin wall is very thin

hits:3169    date:2015-09-26

  Generally speaking, among the insert part of the ESCO bucket tooth pin, it has a big amount of the ferrite matters, and the form method is same to phase change zone, which exist in the welding effect area. So during the casting period, under the effects of the metal liquid heating power, the phase change zone of the ESCO bucket tooth pin will exist into two different phase zones, they are the austenite zone and the ferrite zone, so at these two zones, the ferrite would become bigger and bigger, and the organization type of the ESCO bucket tooth pin can be maintain same with the room temperature for the whole time.

  Because the thickness of the ESCO bucket tooth pin wall is very thin, but the volume of the insert pat is very big, so the temperature among the center position of the insert is not very high, and with the low temperature, it can’t form a big amounts of the ferrite matters.

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