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strength can be regard as the main performance parameter for coated sand casting technique

hits:2529    date:2018-10-09

As general, the strength can be regard as the main performance parameter for entirety coated sand casting technique, but professional China bucket tooth pin design and production manufacturer said the truth is there has no uniform examination and check method to help check the strength. Just use the room temperature anti tensile strength as the example, the different coated sand casting manufacturer has the different testing methods, so even through the finished China bucket tooth pin is same, but their final check result has a huge difference between each other.

Professional China bucket tooth pin production supplier said due to the different compaction methods for sand filling, the testing sample would has the different tightness degree and lead to the non uniform check effect.

Especially when manufacturing China bucket tooth pin sample with manual mode, both of the total sand filling quantity, compaction stress force, display the heavy block or not and the display time can be random changed by human, so because of the different manual operators, the testing sample would has the different compaction degree and strength, so more and more China bucket tooth pin manufacturer would adopts core shoot machine to manufacturing test samples.

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