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Casting technique is suitable for mass production due to low production costs and easily processing procedures

hits:2674    date:2018-10-09

Compared with bead welding technique, professional China bucket tooth pin design and manufacturing factory said the processing procedures for casting technique is more easily, and because of the lower production costs, this casting technique is the best choice for China bucket tooth pin mass production.

But if the manufacturing material of China bucket tooth pin belongs to high chrome white cast iron material, we just needs provide the alloying technique to its surface and get the cast infiltrated compound material at the end, so both of the wear resistance performance for high manganese white iron material and tenacity property for basis body can be fully exert out.

According to prospect data and document, we can find the cast infiltration technique can help to extend the total service life for finished China bucket tooth pin with more five times to ten times longer, and if assisted adopts the cast infiltrated harden alloy or another high wear resistance alloy grain technique, the total service life for finished China bucket tooth pin can be further improved again.

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