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Medium manganese steel and white cast iron has become into two new manufacturing materials for excavator bucket tooth

hits:2526    date:2018-10-09

Since recent years, the development for medium manganese steel material has attract more and more people attention, and our domestic bucket tooth pin manufacturer has start this material trial manufacturing work yet, for example, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the medium manganese steel has succeed to manufacturing into the grinding machine linear plate with variety dimension and specification.

Compared with high manganese steel, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the wear resistance property of medium manganese steel is superior, so it is the best manufacturing material for excavator bucket tooth, which needs used in medium and high impact work conditions.

Due to the wear resistance property for white cast iron material is more excellent than all kinds of steel materials, so more and more bucket tooth pin manufacturer has try to research and invent the tenacity white cast iron excavator bucket tooth, and all of these professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer needs pay more attention on the metamorphism for austenite manganese white cast iron materials iron and rare elements.

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