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Harden degree is common measure aspect for excavator bucket tooth wear resistance property

hits:2497    date:2018-10-09

With the continue development for mechanical engineering, more and more bucket tooth pin manufacturer realized that more and more earth moving machine, such as the excavator machine and loader machine has widely applied in these worse work conditions, but as the easily wear hurt parts for both excavator and loader machine, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the total service life for excavate bucket tooth is account with hour unit.

During the actual production period, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer would consider the harden degree as the mainly measure aspect to finished excavator bucket tooth wear resistance property, but according to research document, even the manufacturing harden degree is same, but because of the different alloy steel element content and metal phase organization, their final wear resistance property also has a big difference.

Professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the main wear out failure mode of excavator bucket tooth is wearing material abrasive wear, which can be regular check and detect according to country standard sand paper sliding wear method or rubber wheel method.

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