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improve excavator bucket tooth materials’ harden is help to improve wear resistance property under shear mechanism working conditions

hits:2558    date:2018-10-09

Among the entirety wear out failure process, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the shear mechanism has play the main leading position, which total influence effect is beyond seventy percent; but along with the improve of excavator bucket tooth harden degree, the main leading effect of fatigue flake mechanism would be enlarged, which can be twenty to thirty percent; but professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer warn that as long as the bucket tooth material has achieve its limited harden degree, the crispy property would raised up, but maybe produce the crispy breakage problem.

But if the main mechanism of working condition is shear mechanism, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said along with the higher and higher excavator bucket tooth material harden degree, its wear resistance property would be better and better.

To fatigue flake mechanism, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the excellent tenacity and harden property assemble for excavator bucket tooth material is very necessary, both of the high harden degree, high breakage tenacity, low crack expand speed ratio and impact and fatigue resistance force is help to improve materials wear resistance capacity.

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