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The surface cracks brittle rupture of excavator bucket tooth can be called as chippings

hits:2489    date:2018-10-09

When excavator bucket tooth insert into the rocks or mine stones and make advance and return movement, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the surface of excavator bucket tooth would forming into plasticity deformation furrows and according to several grinding between the stone grains and upheaval positions,it would forming into metal repeatedly flowing take, so after the total stress force, which bearing on excavator bucket tooth material is beyond its limited strength, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said its surface would has cracks brittle rupture, which also can be called as the chippings.

Professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the cracks direction of chippings must direct vertical with the wear out direction, or along with the wear out direction, but looks at the chippings front surface, which is the smooth groove stripe, the back surface is flatness too, but its side board has forming into the overlap cracks due to several grinding deformation changes.

If the mine rocks surface is full of sharp angles, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the deformation layer would be shear cutting and forming into chippings, which exist with the flat thin piece shape with roughness edge.

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