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Is there anything needs controlled during excavator bucket tooth casting production process?

hits:2635    date:2018-10-09

If there any conditions needed controlled during liebherr excavator lock pins casting production process? The answer is yes, for example, all of the professional liebherr excavator lock pins production supplier should right control the excavator bucket tooth mold cavity quality.

To ensure the correct dimension precision degree between the liebherr excavator lock pins tooth top part and teeth seat part, the best forming mold must be the metal aluminum mold, which is produced by high precision CNC manufacturing process, and production suppliers needs strict control the mold dimension precision degree and smooth degree to standard requirement.

The molding closing for liebherr excavator lock pins casting mold must be correct and never has mistake phenomenon, or the finished excavator bucket tooth would cant installed into tooth seat and causes scrap, so to guarantee the correct molding closing, professional liebherr excavator lock pins production supplier would display one round trapezoid positioning pin during the molding process; to prevent the swell during poring process, the locking process is needed after molding closing process.

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