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Excavator bucket tooth has a thin thickness on the tooth cavity position

hits:2893    date:2018-10-09

Due to the wall thickness for these liebherr excavator lock pins tooth cavity working piece is very thin, so its thermal conduct performance is good and this position would start solidified than another thermal joint positions, and between the liebherr excavator lock pins casting working pieces and excavator bucket tooth cavity core would produce a large package force.

During the core pulling process, there would produce a certain tensile stress force, but due to the pouring channel is solidified yet, which would produce a certain resistance force effect to liebherr excavator lock pins casting working pieces along with the core pulling direction, but to the tensile stress force, which mentioned before, this resistance force can be regard as another tensile stress force, but the direction is opposite.

If the total sum for these two tensile stress force effect is beyond liebherr excavator lock pins manufacturing materials yield strength under high temperature condition, which would lead to pull away phenomenon on the weakness position, but forming into the thermal cracks, which also can be called as the liebherr excavator lock pins breakage problem.

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