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The welding strip should has a high quality

hits:3118    date:2015-09-19

  Production manufacturers can provide the welding process on the wheel loader tooth pin to improve its property and extend the total use life, but the welding strip, which used to welding on the surface of the wheel loader tooth pin should has a very high quality and meet up with the production standard requirement, for example, these welding strips need be produced by the special production condition with about three hundred temperature degrees, and drying about fifteen hours, after all of these two factors gained, them during the welding period, we can guarantee the welding result of the wheel loader tooth pin is very reliable.

  To ensure the final welding result is very perfect, when padding the welding gap of the wheel loader tooth pin, operator need to ensure the total length of the welding feet of the welding padding is over sixteen millimeters, if the total length can’t meet up with requirements, operator need to adjust it in time.

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