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do you know the select and use requirement about bead welding metal material?

hits:3029    date:2018-01-26

  Firstly: famous brands China bucket tooth pin production supplier said the best bead welding metal material needs combine with bucket tooth basic body with the perfect way, or the surface of bucket tooth would easily has the welding flaws after the welding process is finished, besides, the mechanical property of bead welding metal material must match with China bucket tooth pin working performance requirement too.

  Secondly: users also needs fully take account of the miscibility between the bead welding metal and China bucket tooth pin basic body, especially of the basic dilution effect to bead welding layer performance, for example, if the basic China bucket tooth pin body has a high enough carbon element content, to prevent the welding cracks problem, users needs heat up the bucket tooth surface temperature first, but hold this temperature within needed time.


  Lastly: famous brands China bucket tooth pin production supplier said the transition layer can be used to solve and prevent the cracks problem, which would appeared during bead welding process.

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