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advantages for special rotary installation tooth top

hits:2516    date:2018-01-08

  Even through the bucket tooth is most easily face to abrasion damage than another excavator structure parts, but famous brands ESCO bucket tooth pin production supplier indicate that users just needs replace the new bucket tooth top part but not the entirety bucket tooth, and to ensure the best assemble effect and shorten the replacement time, famous brands ESCO bucket tooth pin production supplier has innovate the new rotary installation tooth top, which tooth top can rotary about twenty five degree but perfect match with the tooth holder, then good locking firmed by vertical ESCO bucket tooth pin.


  The special connection mode for rotary installation tooth top would makes the system has the more and more tightness degree if both of the ESCO bucket tooth pin tooth top part and tooth holder has face to loads force, but its tooth holder nasal tip is steadiness and tightness assemble with tooth top part, so entirety ESCO bucket tooth pin would be installed with more steadiness way.

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