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wearing resistance bucket tooth adopts the short nasal tip design

hits:2597    date:2018-01-04

  Due to the nasal tip design idea for these wearing resistance ESCO bucket tooth pin is shorter than another finished bucket tooth pins, so its tooth top part can be used for wearing within the biggest limiting value, but also because of the innovate manufacturing shape, the wearing resistance type ESCO bucket tooth pin can maintain the sharp tooth top part all the time.

  Professional famous brands ESCO bucket tooth pin production supplier said the special nasal tip design is used to speed up the bucket loading speed too, but also bring the higher reliable property than before.


  Because of the special unique tooth holder nasal edge design idea, the anti fatigue strength for finished wearing resistance bucket tooth pins is improved than before, and take advantage of the scientific design idea on the ESCO bucket tooth pin part, both of the bucket tooth top part and tooth holder can connect with each other with the tightness way, but help to reduce the total oil consume at the end.

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