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the basic body of bucket tooth belongs to black color shred organization

hits:2545    date:2018-01-02

  Through analyze the metallic external dimensional of ESCO bucket tooth pin organization, we would find its basic body belongs to shred organization with black color, but the insert organization is makes up by white color massive part and black color shred. The zone, which keep the far distance to cross section surface is full of white color massive organization, and according to micro scope harden testing data, we can confirm the white color massive organization belongs to iron element, and the black color shred organization belongs to the mixture substances for troostile and pearl element, etc.


  Famous brands ESCO bucket tooth pin production supplier said the production for large dimension iron substances in insert part is very similar as the dimensional transformation zone in welding thermal affect zone, and during the casting manufacturing process, under the influence of metallic liquid thermal effect, famous brands ESCO bucket tooth pin production supplier said these large dimension iron substances would maintain the organization state as room temperature.

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