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different work condition would lead to different lose efficiency degree

hits:2397    date:2017-12-31

  Under the different work conditions, the ESCO bucket tooth pin would face to the different abrasion consume within different grade and level, so the entirety bucket tooth would has the different lose functional phenomenon within the different mode and grade due to the different crash and impact force. Famous brands ESCO bucket tooth pin production supplier said if the bucket tooth pins only can be free use in common condition about three days, but lose the functional, it means this bucket tooth pin has the worse manufacturing quality, so consumers should purchase and select another qualify ESCO bucket tooth pin.


  Looks at the appearance of ESCO bucket tooth pin, which has the lose efficiency phenomenon, we would find the obvious furrow traces on the bucket tooth and earth ground contact surface, and the ESCO bucket tooth pin tooth top part has the slight plasticity deformation but has no cracks phenomenon, and the thickness for earth ground contact surface is the thinnest, which is only about four millimeters, but the back work surface thickness is about eight millimeters.

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