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excavator is common applied and using during construction engineering production

hits:2648    date:2017-12-29

  Famous brands ESCO bucket tooth pin production supplier said the excavator is normal used in construction engineering production, and the entirety construction work would can’t continue proceed without no excavator machine, and the ESCO bucket tooth pin is the most important key part than another excavator accessories, which is easily to damage hurt too.

  The content elements of bucket tooth is including the tooth holder and tooth top part, which needs take advantage of ESCO bucket tooth pin to connection them into a whole unit, so this is the reason why the bucket tooth abrasion lose efficiency problem is only appeared on tooth top part, so users just need to replace the old broken tooth top part.


  If the excavator needs continue work in the outside conditions, which would easily face to serious abrasion consume and lost its original functional efficiency with the fast speed, so users needs analyze the actual lose efficiency mode and lose efficiency reason about ESCO bucket tooth pin, but take optimize measures to solve this abnormal phenomenon as well.

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