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high manganese steel is the common manufacturing material of excavator bucket tooth

hits:2949    date:2017-12-29

  If the manufacturing material of caterpillar bucket teeth pins belongs to high manganese steel, named ZGMn 13 material, which would express the single dimensional austenite organization under high temperature condition and gained the good enough tenacity capacity. Under the influence of impact loads effect, because of the surface layer harden manufacturing process, the finished caterpillar bucket teeth pins would gained the high abrasion resistance capacity.

  But famous brands caterpillar bucket teeth pins production supplier confess the welding property of high manganese steel is worse, for example, under the influence of heating thermal influence, the high manganese bucket tooth pins would separate out some carbide substances, but lead to material crisp phenomenon.


  Professional famous brands caterpillar bucket teeth pins production supplier said the second shortage of high manganese caterpillar bucket teeth pins is easily had the thermal cracks problem on welding seam, such as the hydraulic cracks problem would appeared on the closely position to welding zone.

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