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how to overcome the shortage for traditional high manganese bucket tooth pin?

hits:2743    date:2017-11-29

  To help solve the disadvantages and shortages for these traditional high manganese komatsu bucket teeth pins during the actual application period, research staffs has make a big amount of work on the strengthening and toughing aspect for high manganese steel, such as take advantages of tungsten alloying or micro tungsten alloying measure to improve the strength and abrasion resistance property.

  The the common element content of common high manganese steel, famous brands komatsu bucket teeth pins production supplier would add some another carbide substances to forming into the new metal element, which would change the original carbide layout state for high manganese steel, but gained the grain type carbide substances, so the strength and abrasion property of finished komatsu bucket teeth pins would be improved.


  No matter under the high impact stress force effect or low stress force effect, the high manganese steel komatsu bucket teeth pins can maintain the excellent abrasion resistance property all the time.

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