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powerful turning power is suitable for these recombination working condition

hits:2495    date:2017-11-25

  Because of the useful improve measures used for rotary torque part, the original komatsu bucket teeth pins would gained the stronger powerful turning power and most suitable for these recombination working conditions, especially of the special slope surface working conditions, the komatsu bucket teeth pins gained better powder turning force would show out the obvious advantages.

  When design the komatsu bucket teeth pins structure and dimension, designers must fully take account of the inter-grating degree, for example, the end part of the komatsu bucket teeth pins must perfect combine with the scraper blade for dozer blade.


  When pack up the swing arm of excavator, the height for the front teeth of the komatsu bucket teeth pins must as same as the dozer blade, and famous brands komatsu bucket teeth pins production supplier said even the small optimization for design idea, which would improve the work efficiency with the efficient way, but also bring some good benefit to stone transportation work too.

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