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four different needed characteristic and features about bucket tooth pin

hits:2560    date:2017-11-19

  As one of professional high quality komatsu bucket teeth pins supplier, we will teach consumers about four needed characteristic and features about bucket tooth pin, for example, the first needed characteristic and feature is finished komatsu bucket teeth pins must been produced with high abrasion resistance property and high production efficiency.

  The second needed characteristic is the innovative manufacturing shape for komatsu bucket teeth pins, which would help maintain the sharp tooth top part all the time, but also help to speed up the bucket load speed at the same time. The third needed characteristic of komatsu bucket teeth pins is the high reliability, but also needs maintain the high enough anti fatigue strength too.


  Professional famous brands komatsu bucket teeth pins supplier said the last needed characteristic and feature is the sharpness teeth top part, which would save more excavate time and force, but also reduce the total oil consume for entirety excavator machine as well.

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