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short bucket tooth is suitable for high degree impact and pry out work

hits:2692    date:2017-11-17

  Because of the super strength and firm property, the short type komatsu bucket teeth pins is the best choice for high degree impact and pry out work, such as the stone and rock material. But the main installation place for these heavy type abrasion resistance komatsu bucket teeth pins is on large dimension equipment machine, but use to finish the broken stone work and sand stone cleaning and excavate work, etc.

  To these density and compact needed excavate substances, such as the clay soil, the best bucket tooth specification must be the penetrate type komatsu bucket teeth pins, which can provide the strong enough penetrate capacity; and the main role of the double top komatsu bucket teeth pins is used to improve and develop the broken capacity, but its penetrate property is worse than bucket tooth top part, but the abrasion resistance property is better than bucket tooth top part.


  The reinforcement type penetrate komatsu bucket teeth pins is common used and suitable for almost application conditions too.

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