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Installation method of the excavator segment bolt is not very difficult

hits:3035    date:2015-09-15

  Generally speaking, the installation method, which used to install the excavator segment bolt are not very difficult and complex, because people only need prepare one drilling head, which main raw material is the alloy steel, and the dimension of the drill head is same with the dimension of the excavator segment bolt. Then install this alloy steel drill head on the electric drill machine to punching a hole on the wall, the role of this hole is to install the excavator segment bolt.

  Writer attention that the depth of the punching hole should equal to the length of the excavator segment bolt, then insert the excavator segment bolt together with the external members into the hole, people should remember that never turn off the nuts, because the role of the nuts is prevent the excavator segment bolt drip into the hole and can’t pick out. The last step is use the suitable strength to tightening the excavator segment bolt and nuts.

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