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Do you know the main reason lead to the bucket tooth pin air hole problem?

hits:3445    date:2017-11-23

  After split the excavator bucket tooth pin, we would find there are some air hole among the working part, especially of the core cavity surround wall, which is full of air hole too, is there any reason lead to this abnormal phenomenon? Famous brands bucket tooth pin manufacturer would give the right answer as following:

  Professional famous brands bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the air hole, which appeared on extrusion casting bucket tooth pin can be divided into three different types, such as the precipitation type air hole, the invasive type air hole and reaction air hole, besides, during the shrinkage cavity and shrinkage porosity forming process of casting bucket tooth pin, it would separate out the certain amount air gas at the same time.


  If the bucket tooth pin has the too high air content, or there are too much air insert during the liquid metal mold filling period, famous brands bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the air hole problem would be serious.

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