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We can recovery four old wheel loader tooth pin at the same time

hits:3179    date:2015-09-14

  People can use the surface welding method to recovery the surface abrasion problems to the old wheel loader tooth pin, so these old wheel loader tooth pin products can be recycle used again, but to prevent the heat power connection into a whole unit during the recovery and surface welding period, writer suggests people to recovery and surface welding four old wheel loader tooth pin at the same time, and the surface welding type should choose the short welding length method, use this way, we can prevent the welding heating power combined.

  To the new wheel loader tooth pin, writer also suggests to provide the resistance abrasion surface welding process on their surface, the main role is to extend the whole total use life of these new wheel loader tooth pin, for example, after the welding process, the total use life can increase about four times, and it also can reduce the recovery works for the old teeth pin.

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