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traditional replacement method for boom cylinder grease seal

hits:2605    date:2017-10-19

  If excavator users insist on replace the boom cylinder grease seal with the traditional replacement method, even through this replacement method needs costs more time, firstly, professional famous brands excavator segment bolt production supplier said excavator users should use the crane to right hang the boom cylinder assy assembly, but tear down all of the connection joints and parts between the excavator structure and boom cylinder assy assembly next, then put down the boom cylinder assy assembly on flat ground within slowly speed at the end.

  Professional famous brands excavator segment bolt production supplier suggests excavator users take advantage of profession tools to tear down the boom cylinder assembly part but replace the new grease seal.


  As long as the sealing ring part has the serious abrasion damages, professional famous brands excavator segment bolt supplier said it means the boom cylinder automatic incline problem is produced by broken damage grease seal, so replace a new grease seal timely is the best solve method.

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