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engine teeth wheel must be right engage with engine fly wheel

hits:2935    date:2017-10-25

  If the engine teeth wheel is not normal engage with the engine fly wheel, but the main electric circuit is connected yet, professional famous brands bucket tooth pin manufacturer confess that under this fast rotary speed condition, the engine teeth wheel would engage with engine fly wheel, but lead to the strong crash phenomenon and cases the abnormal engagement phenomenon, so the entirety excavator machine would produce the strong teeth hit voice.

  Professional famous brands bucket tooth pin manufacturer said another reason lead to the teeth hit voice problem is because of the opposite contact between the engine teeth wheel and fly wheel ring, but the magnetic would overcome the elasticity, which produced by single way connect device buffer spring but contact with the main electric circuit, so because of the weak connect pressure force between the teeth wheel and fly wheel, the teeth hit voice would appeared as following.


  Professional famous brands bucket tooth pin manufacturer said consumers should right repair or regulate the engine part to prevent the teeth hit voice problem.

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