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We can use the low alloy steel material to produce the teeth pin products

hits:3195    date:2015-09-09

  To ensure the excavator tooth pin and rubber has a good resistance abrasion ability and has a very long total use life, choose the right main raw material to choose the excavator tooth pin and rubber is very important and the key factor, for example, the common material, which used to produce the excavator tooth pin product is the low alloy steel materials, but if the production conditions permits, the best raw material of the excavator tooth pin and rubber is choose the low alloy resistance abrasion steel material, it is very suitable to produce into teeth pin products.

  But after the casting process, if the production manufacturers don’t provide the right heat treatment at the end, then the organization of the excavator tooth pin and rubber would not very uniform, so the insert also can’t show its best effect, besides, the whole resistance abrasion ability of excavator tooth pin and rubber also has reduced, so the heat treatment is also very important.

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