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why the excavator temperature become higher and higher?

hits:2633    date:2017-10-04

  Several consumers has report their caterpillar bucket teeth pins manufacturing enterprise that the surface temperature of their excavator machine become higher and higher, especially when they has turn on the air conditioner of excavator machine, the water temperature would be raise up with the very fast speed and change into the high temperature state, but the actual water temperature would be cold down after the air conditioner is turn off yet, so all of them are afraid to turn on the air conditioner during the hot summer days,


  But professional famous brands caterpillar bucket teeth pins production and design manufacturer said the high water temperature problem can be regard as the common problem for most kinds of excavator machine, even through their air conditioner is not turn on, but the actual temperature is not closely to the limiting value of anti freezing solution warning requirement, but the air conditioner would enlarge the engine loads, but because of the worse cooling effect, professional famous brands caterpillar bucket teeth pins supplier said the temperature of engine part would become higher and higher.

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