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If use the caterpillar bucket teeth pins with a wrong way, it would easy has some bad damages

hits:3205    date:2015-09-02

  Generally speaking, if people has install the caterpillar bucket teeth pins on the digger machine, and the main working condition of the digger machine is in the outside places, then during the normal using period, the caterpillar bucket teeth pins would easy to has the earlier loss efficacy problem, which caused by the bad damages and abrasion, so according to the abrasion caterpillar bucket teeth pins, people need to fully analysis its surface loss efficacy shape and fond out the main reason, which cause the bad loss efficacy problems happen.

  After people find out the main reason cause the caterpillar bucket teeth pins has the loose efficacy phenomenon, they all need solve this problem timely, and according to the different working situations of the caterpillar bucket teeth pins, the caterpillar bucket teeth pins would suffer the different degree of the loss efficacy, so the surface loss efficacy type would be different too.

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