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The diesel engine fuel injector pump should maintain the suitable engine oil for the whole time

hits:2801    date:2017-07-17

  Professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer suggests excavator drivers keep a habit to check if the diesel engine fuel injector pump is full of engine oil, which is match with the limited oil position, or add the right specification engine oil in time. To guarantee the big enough engine oil amount and excellent quality, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier said choose the high quality engine oil is very important, besides, excavator drivers also needs remember never makes the engine oil mixed up with the water or diesel oil and causes the go bad problem.

  Professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer indicate that as long as the engine oil is mixed with water or another engine oil products, which would causes both the plunger slag and delivery valve matching parts face to the earlier abrasion problem, but also lead to the diesel oil engine is lack of driven force, so the bucket tooth pin excavator would hard to starting than before.

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