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Wrong starting modes would lead to serious damages to excavator structure

hits:2699    date:2017-07-05

  If excavator drivers had adopts the wrong starting modes to excavator machine, which would lead to the serious damages to excavator structure, so professional bucket tooth pin production manufacture suggests excavator drivers remember put a heat preservation quilt to cover up the water tank first, then turn on the water drain valve but continue supply the warm water, which temperature is range from sixty to seventy degree clean soft water to water tank.

  Professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer said as long as people use their hands to touch the water, which flowing out from the water drain valve but feel a little thormy, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier said they need turn off the water drain valve as soon as possible. But continue supply the hot clean soft water, which temperature is range from ninety to one hundred temperature to water tank, and rock turn the bend axle, the main purpose is to guarantee each moving parts can get the pre lubricating process, then turn on the engine part next.

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