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Why improve the engine compression ratio?

hits:2634    date:2017-06-29

  As general, professional bucket tooth pin production manufacture suggests excavator drivers try to improve the engine compression ratio, for example, the standard compression ratio for diesel oil engine is range from sixteen to twenty two, but with the raising of compression ratio, the final compressing temperature and pressure would be enlarged at the same time, which would play a useful influence to combustion and expand of mixture gas.

  Professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer indicate that with the enlarge of compression ratio, the heat efficiency of engine part can be enlarges at the same time, so its final efficiency work rate would be enlarged as well, but consume less fuel oil and materials at the end. Professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturers said the most useful measure to improve the engine compression ratio is try to reduce the resistance force of air intake system, but also clean and maintain the filter device timely to guarantee there are big enough air flowing into air cylinder timely.

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