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Repair method of excavator water tank

hits:2645    date:2017-06-23

  Firstly: excavator drivers should ask help for profession repair men to ask them right check the excavator water tank first, but if they find the total capacity of cooling water is big enough and the cooling fan can be normal working as usual, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier said the next step needs repair men tear down the thermostat, but the temperature is very high, they need check if the vane wheel of cooling bump has serious abrasion damages or not, if the answer is yes, professional bucket tooth pin supplier suggests users replace a new water bump timely.

  Expect of water bump, professional bucket tooth pin production manufacture attention that the diameter of both circular pipelines of engine part should maintain same as the water outlet pipelines, because if the diameter of small circular water pipeline is bigger, which would lead to the cooling water of engine part change into the small circular condition and causes most water can’t be fully radiating and causes the high temperature.

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