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How to right washing the excavator water tank?

hits:2692    date:2017-06-19

  According to my cherish bucket tooth pin sell and excavator operation experience, I suggests all excavator drivers keep a habit washing the excavator water tank since it had been used for a long time. For example, firstly, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier attention excavator drivers needs drain out all of the cooling liquid from both the heat sink and engine part first, then turn off the drain slag, but add the suitable clean water together with the washing agents into the heat sink device next.

  Professional bucket tooth pin production supplier said the next step is right turn on the engine part, which turning speed is slight faster than its normal low speed turning speed, as long as the indicator mark of temperature watch is changed into the green color zone, drivers should continue turn on the engine part about ten to twenty minutes.

  Professional bucket tooth pin production supplier said the last step is turn off the engine par and use the clean water to flowing awash the cooling system.

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