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Display the work device on the earth ground to prevent rust problem

hits:2712    date:2017-06-17

  When drivers needs stock the excavator and bucket tooth pin for a very long time, but to prevent the piston shaft on the hydraulic cylinder part has rust problem, professional bucket tooth pin supplier suggests drivers remember put the work device on the earth ground. Driver also needs use the clean water to carefully washing away the surface dusts and oil dirt, then stock it in the inside drying environment after the excavator structure is fully drying.

  But if driver had to stock both the bucket tooth pin and excavator in the outside conditions, writer suggests them stop the excavator on the cement earth ground, which maintain a good water well drained ability, but also needs guarantee the hydraulic cylinder is full of fuel oil too.

  According to the different lowest storage conditions, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier suggests drivers add suitable scale anti freeze liquid into the cooling water, but remember normal starting the engine part once per month during the storage period.

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