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How to guarantee the biggest excavate force?

hits:2603    date:2017-03-23

  Professional excavator bucket adaptorer production manufacturer indicate that when the angle between the bucket cylinder and connecting rod is ninety degrees, the excavate force is biggest at the time; but when the angle between excavator bucket teeth and earth ground is only thirty degree, the excavate force had maintained the best condition and the insert oil resistance force is the smallest at the this time.

  So professional excavator bucket adaptorer production manufacture suggests operators maintain the angle of bucket rod can be free range from the forty five degree on the front direction and thirty degree on the back direction, but also using the swing arm and bucket at the same time to improve the final excavate efficiency.


  Professional excavator bucket adaptorer production manufacturer warn excavator operators try to according to the cracks happen direction of large dimension stones to right adjust the best operation position, to makes sure the bucket teeth can be frequently insert into soil and start the normal excavate works.

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