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  How much do you know about the ignition property?

hits:2569    date:2017-02-24

  Professional excavator bucket adaptorer production manufacturer said the meaning of ignition property of diesel oil is the self ignition burning capacity when diesel oil mixed with the air and form into the burning mixture gas, which can be expressed as the cetane value, and cetane value not belongs to one units designation, but regard as one comparison value, it means the volume percent number of the cetane, when the burning performance of light diesel oil is compared with the mixture solution of cetane and methylnaphthalene.


  for example, if the burning performance of catane can be express with one hundred units, but the burning performance of methylnaphthalene is zero unit, so according to the different volume ratio to mix these two substances into the mixture solution, professional excavator bucket adaptorer production manufacturer said we can get several different standard diesel oil products, which catane value can be range from zero to one hundred, for example, professional excavator bucket adaptorer production manufacturer said if the needed cetane value of diesel oil is beyond fifty, it means its burning performance is equal to fifty percent cetane and fifty percent methylnaphthalene.

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