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The main reason causes the fire accident of excavator

hits:2480    date:2017-02-06

  The first reason: as long as as both the excavator bucket adaptorer and the entirety excavator had been used for several years but lack of the professional maintenance and repair treatment, its internal electric wire would get the aging problem and easily lead to the short circuit problem. Professional excavator bucket adaptorer production manufacture said after the excavator had been continue used in the worse condition over three years, its internal mechanical parts would become loose, and there would absorb lots of oil dirt on the excavator external bracket, which would causes the serious fire accident when contact with the fire sparks.


  The second reason: professional excavator bucket adaptorer production manufacture said if the hydraulic pipelines has the broken off problem during the common excavate time, its internal hydraulic oil would spray on the exhaust pipelines and lead to the fire accident at the end. And professional excavator bucket adaptorer production manufacture said the main reason cause the broken off problem of hydraulic pipelines is due to the actuating agents has face to the sudden obstacles during the common work time.

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