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How to checkout if the hydraulic oil temperature is too high or not?

hits:2545    date:2017-01-28

  As one of the profession repair workmen of excavator, they should fully under the standard the main reason why the excavator bucket adaptorer hydraulic oil is higher than before, as general, the most mainly reason causes the higher hydraulic oil temperature is because there are something wrong with the hydraulic oil tank or the oil transfer pipelines, such as the hydraulic oil tank has a worse sealing performance or the oil filter core has the blocking problem, or the entirety hydraulic system can’t work within the frequently mode, etc, professional excavator bucket adaptorer production manufacturer indicate that as long as one of these phenomenons happened, the final produced heat energy would become too big and causes the hydraulic oil temperature raising to the bigger degree.


  Professional excavator bucket adaptorer production manufacture warn that if there are too much dusts absorbed on the heat dissipation surface or the organization, which used to discharge the heat energy has the blocking problem, these two phenomenon also lead to these heat energy can’t be dissipate out timely too.

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