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Relationship between the pre-tightening force and tightening torque

hits:2480    date:2017-05-01

  When use the torque wrench to finish the fixation work of excavator segment bolt, professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer warn consumers that they need to ensure the final biggest stress force(which also can be called as pre-tightening force) should be seventy five percent of its yield strength, for example, if the manufacturing grade of excavator segment bolt belongs to 10.9 grade and its anti tensile strength is 100MPA, yield strength is 900MPa, so its final biggest pre-tigenting force should never beyond 675MPa.


  After the final fixation work is finished, professional excavator segment bolt production manufacture warm consumers should remember to coasting a colorful colors on the head part of the segment bolt or nuts, which can be used as a mark, so as long as the excavator segment bolt has the loose phenomenon, consumers can slight screw down along with the fixation direction until the head part of the excavator segment bolt or nuts had fully match with the surface colorful marks again.

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