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How to confirm the pre-tightening force for segment force?

hits:2594    date:2017-04-29

  As general, the manufacturing precision for these common excavator segment bolt thread hole belongs to 6H grade, so its pre-tightening force would be influenced by the final fixation results and the friction coefficient between needed fixed surface and excavator segment bolt. But to prevent the thread been damaged and rust problem, all of the excavator segment bolt should been produced by profession remaining waste thread process, which needs use the cleaning agents to clean away all of the residue paint and dirt on the internal space of thread hole, the surface of excavator segment bolt and the connection surface, etc.


  Professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer warn consumers that as long as their had enlarged the pre-tightening force, the stress force changing width would be reduced at the same time, but the pre-tightening force should be right controlled into the suitable enlargement range, because the too big pre-tightening force will causes the strength of the excavator segment bolt is closely to its yield strength and lead to the broken off problem during common use time.

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