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Three methods used to prevent loose problem for segment bolt

hits:2342    date:2017-04-25

  Professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer said there are three different methods can be used to prevent the loose problem for excavator segment bolt, such as the friction anti loose method, the mechanical anti loose method and damage screw pair anti loose method,etc. Professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer said the first method is the most easily, but its reliable performance is not very excellent, so to these thread connection joints of important parts, especially of these internal space thread connection part of excavator, professional excavator segment bolt supplier suggests consumers choose mechanical anti loose method.


  The friction anti method also can be divided into three different methods too, such as the double nuts tighten, spring washer and self locking nuts, etc. Professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer indicate that because of the simple structure, the double nuts tighten anti loose method is the best method for these fixed connection conditions, which needs working within the low speed and under steady work conditions.

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